Thursday, August 18, 2011

im confused

yeaahh. of the assignments posted, i was suppposed to comment three other students blogs i however couldnt find anyone to do this with.. really hoping i wont be penalized over this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bachlorette season finale.

in the final episode of the bachlorette, ashley takes the boys to meet her family. they seem to really like JP, except for the sister.. she doesnt think theyre right together.. I dunno what to think of this episode really except im a bit upset she chose JP. I think her and the other guy were much better together. But you never know.. maybe JP being older and more reserved is good for her. It might be what she needs. Blah love is blind. Im just happy this season is OVERRRR! (;

movie blog

So, I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. And first off I really enjoyed it, which is weird beacuse I usually don't watch anything but comedy.. Ok so heres the deal. The main character woke up and had no idea where he was, who he was, he had really no memory of anything. But there was a large metal bracelet warpped around his wrist. Non-removable, and he has no idea the use. He ends up in an old country town. Late that night the town is invaded by what appears to be aliens. The movie is basically about the remaining towns people finding and killing the aliens in order to get their family and friends back. I don't wanna give it away. But the acting is good, the special effects are good. And I will definately buy the dvd when its released. (:

newspaper article #4

this wasn't so much an article, but it was intriguing.. A small insert about mcdonalds. haha. Foods they serve around the world that they don't serve in america. Some examples are: The nurnburger in germany which isnt even a burger. Its a whole bunch or brats on a bun with mustard and other stuff. In hong kong they sell an shrimp burger.  In mexico, a mcmuffin with no egg.. but refried beans cheese and pico de gallo.  In india, the McCurry pan. a rectangular crust with a creamy crust vegtables, with or without chicken. Those being just a few of the many different foods found in mcdonalds around the world

newspaper article #3

This was probably one of the funniest things I've ever read. An article about how the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay substantial amounts of money to the Jersey Shore cast members to NOT wear their clothes on the air. A&F think that them wearing their brand is hurting their image. I find it funny for one, a company paying cast members money to not wear their clothes? Quite ironic if you ask me. I guess the situation will be needing to start shopping at American Eagle or something

newspaper article #2

ADHD. Thats quite the complicated subject when it comes to school. After reading an article about a kid with ADHD I can't help but wonder. Maybe students with the mind disorder should be allowed special privledges, maybe even special teachers. Or, maybe in order to graduate with a degree in teaching; a person should take classes on teaching/behaviorial methods to use in the classroom for kids with such a disorder. Its obivious kids with the disorder arent treated like other students. Sure they can teke medication.. but medication only goes so far. Why should someone born with such a disability be treated badly when really they cant help themselves.

newspaper article #1

I just read a shocking article in the chicago tribune. apparantly, social security wrongly declares 14,000 people dead each year. A 52 year old woman named Laura Brooks discovered this when she stopped recieving disability checks, and when  her rent and student load payments were had bounced. But obiviously she isn't the only person this has happened to. It took months before social security had "revived" her.. she had to prove herself alive first. After things were finally sorted out, social security paid for her bounced checks but never refunded her the disability, nor did they apoligize for the mishap. Its dumb things like these that makes america seem stupider by the year.