Monday, June 27, 2011

reality show blog # 5

As I watch the bachlorette, I grow more and more annoyed with the girl. Ever since Bently, she hasn't been the same. Shes like completely lost her spirit and almost given up on love. Look girl, got got a heap of super hot guys at your feet. GET OVER IT WOMAN. If you knew ANYTHING you would know that he was never interested in the first place. Gosh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

reality show blog #4

The bachelorette. Ive been watching tis show on demand. The show is about a woman seeking true love, and possibly a future spouse. Ashley Hebert, meets a large group of guys and the show is about getting to know each one, going on dates, and seeing who will own up to her. The first date she goes on is with William. The date goes grrrreat, its like the most romantic date they've both ever been on. Later on twelve other guys are chosen to go to a theatre and make up a dance to perform with Ashley in front of thousands of people. Forgot to mention.. theyre in Vegas. The groups are; The Best Men, and No Rhythm Nation. No Rhythm Nation wins and gets to dance with her.. while also they all will get a bit of alone time with Ashley later on. The show is full of all sorts of drama.. But I cant help but appreciate Bently. He tells you how it is from the beginning. He tells about how shes not his type.. and how really he seems to want only physical action if you know what I mean. So yeah. Bently.. thank you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reality show blog #3

show: sixteen and pregnant.

In this episode your'e introduced to a girl named Kianna. She is seventeen and her boyfriend is fiveteen.. also living in a different town as her. She ends up going to a different school for educational reasons and it isnt that bad. But Kianna is having a hard time figuring out what to do, she considers adoption because one she isnt ready for a child, and she wants the baby to live a fufilling life, and also.. her boyfriend isnt doing ANYTHING to help. He isnt even trying to find a job. Kianna has little to zero support on the whole adoption idea so she ends up deciding to keep the baby.

Reality show blog #2

Show: Sixteen & Pregnant.
The girl you learn about in this episode is Izabella. Daughter of two strict catholic parents, also enrolled in a catholic boarding school. She had been hiding her pregnancy from all of her friends, and the rest of her family (other than parents). She found out about the baby late in the school year and never got the guts to tell anyone. Izabella has big dreams to enroll in medical school. Her boyfriend however, is a major slacker. Her parents say its ok for him to move in on two conditions; 1) he goes to college, 2) him and Izabella can't sleep in the same bed. The boy doesn't do much to improve the situation.. him being preoccupied with more important things, his hair and his car. In the end Izabella ends up telling her friends & family and she has a healthy baby..
the end.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Reality show blog #1

My first show that I chose to blog own is, sixteen and pregnant.
The first episode that I watched was focused on an 18 year girl named Kayla. Kayla is from Minnisota and a senior in high school. Before discovering her unexpected pregnancy, she occupied herself with track and gymnastics. One thing you soon find out is that Kayla was previously hospitalized for aneroxia. Its obivious that when being pregnant, a woman will gain weight.. so it's very hard for her to manage. As the baby grows, she becomes more and more self-conceous of her size. She skips alot of meals, and while pregnant ends up having to go to the hospital, malnutrition. She starts eating healthier eventually and the baby is delivered fine.
& Thats my blog on Kayla. Pretty boring, but hopefully everyone can give me some ideas on how to spice this up.