Monday, June 20, 2011

Reality show blog #1

My first show that I chose to blog own is, sixteen and pregnant.
The first episode that I watched was focused on an 18 year girl named Kayla. Kayla is from Minnisota and a senior in high school. Before discovering her unexpected pregnancy, she occupied herself with track and gymnastics. One thing you soon find out is that Kayla was previously hospitalized for aneroxia. Its obivious that when being pregnant, a woman will gain weight.. so it's very hard for her to manage. As the baby grows, she becomes more and more self-conceous of her size. She skips alot of meals, and while pregnant ends up having to go to the hospital, malnutrition. She starts eating healthier eventually and the baby is delivered fine.
& Thats my blog on Kayla. Pretty boring, but hopefully everyone can give me some ideas on how to spice this up.

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