Wednesday, June 22, 2011

reality show blog #4

The bachelorette. Ive been watching tis show on demand. The show is about a woman seeking true love, and possibly a future spouse. Ashley Hebert, meets a large group of guys and the show is about getting to know each one, going on dates, and seeing who will own up to her. The first date she goes on is with William. The date goes grrrreat, its like the most romantic date they've both ever been on. Later on twelve other guys are chosen to go to a theatre and make up a dance to perform with Ashley in front of thousands of people. Forgot to mention.. theyre in Vegas. The groups are; The Best Men, and No Rhythm Nation. No Rhythm Nation wins and gets to dance with her.. while also they all will get a bit of alone time with Ashley later on. The show is full of all sorts of drama.. But I cant help but appreciate Bently. He tells you how it is from the beginning. He tells about how shes not his type.. and how really he seems to want only physical action if you know what I mean. So yeah. Bently.. thank you.

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