Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reality show blog #2

Show: Sixteen & Pregnant.
The girl you learn about in this episode is Izabella. Daughter of two strict catholic parents, also enrolled in a catholic boarding school. She had been hiding her pregnancy from all of her friends, and the rest of her family (other than parents). She found out about the baby late in the school year and never got the guts to tell anyone. Izabella has big dreams to enroll in medical school. Her boyfriend however, is a major slacker. Her parents say its ok for him to move in on two conditions; 1) he goes to college, 2) him and Izabella can't sleep in the same bed. The boy doesn't do much to improve the situation.. him being preoccupied with more important things, his hair and his car. In the end Izabella ends up telling her friends & family and she has a healthy baby..
the end.

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